Where does it work?

The DYNAMAG® measurement system has been applied on many constructions in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and abroad. The most significant applications have been tension measurement of the permanent and temporary ground anchors in Blanka tunnel, Prague, continuous monitoring of the ground anchors on the Turecký vrch railway tunnel, Nové Mesto nad Váhom, tension measurement in the ground anchors in the retaining wall around R1, Nitra, tension measurement in the construction of flood control dam in the Mělník port, tension measurement in the rods of the suspended bridge in the industrial zone, Třinec-Baliny or monitoring of the tension in the additional prestressed reinforcement of the bridge in Chotěbuz during a static load test. It was also used for the continous monitoring of the tension in the hangers of the retractable roof of BC Place Stadium, Vancouver, Canada,where it provided an automatic control of the snow load.

The DYNAMAG®Measurement system can be generally used for ferromagnetic materials. Most of the materials that are commonly used in building industry fulfil this condition. This can also be proved in our laboratory. Considering the shape of the sensor the ideal use is for the cylindrically shaped measured elements (strand, cable or rod). The sensor is standardly installed before the prestressing process starts. If necessary, a special winding equipment can be used in order to install the sensor onto an existing construction.

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