The stationary measurement system

The modularmeasurement system consists of a measurement unit NT800 and 1-16 multiplexers MPX804R (see the picture). This configuration can be flexibly adapted to the customer needs. The individual components are prepared to be mounted on the DIN rail into the standard rack systems. This measurement system is suitable for the long term or continual monitoring of the building structures.

Technical parameters

  • Measurement frequency: 10 s per 1 sensor
  • Power is supplied by a line adapter
  • Measuring PC can be connected through the interface RS232 or RS485
  • Range of the measurement: 10 mWb, resolution: 1 µWb
  • Dimensions of NT800: 245x112x112 mm; dimensions of MOX804R: 245x62x112 mm; weight of 1 component: 400 g

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