How does it work?

There is nothing magic about the “MAG” in the name of this measurement system. This only describes the physical principles of the measurement method which is based on the magnetoelastic phenomenon. It measures the changes of the magnetoelastic characteristics of ferromagnetic materials during their mechanical load. The relative permeability µr depends on the tension force.

The DSCS magnetoelastic sensor is the basic element of the measurement system.It is shaped as a hollow cylinder which is installed by sliding onto a measured element. It consists of plastic body, electrical winding and stainless cover. It is connected by the cable to the read-out unit. The portable read-out unit is suitable for the one-time measurements, stationary system can be integrated into a complex monitoring system. This system involves the read-out unit and a series of multiplexers which allow the connection of 4-64 sensors. The measured data are saved in a measurement file which can be immediately interpreted in a graphic form of sent via internet on a particular server.

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